3D Engine for open world mobile strategy games

A complete set of Tools to integrate your game contents

MEngine : Mintaka Softworks' Cross-Platform Mobile 3D Game Engine

M3D-Engine brings high quality open world games to mobile devices. This engine offers all the features specially designed for successful commercial games :
  • Dynamic Materials, Lights and Shadows
  • Our Procedural Particles System let you create advanced visual effects
  • Realistic simulation using our Integrated Physics Engine
  • Single Drawcall, High Performance GUI System
  • Create vast open world universes with our 3D Real-time Terrain Renderer and Pathfinder
  • Our Adaptive Rendering Pipeline lets you effortlessly support a wide range of mobile devices
Our modular architecture let you extend the core engine components and integrate your existing in-house developments. We offer multiple programming back-ends for the most popular languages on the market : C++, ObjectiveC, Java and C#. M3DEngine comes with a set of tools to let you easily create your game contents and ressources
  • MIP - Mesh Importer :
    Import various commercial file formats in the M3DEngine content pipeline.
  • MC - Material Creator:
    From low level shader code to high level abstractions, this tool gives you total control over your material library.
  • ICE - Integrated Content Editor :
    Plug into the game engine and create content in real-time.
  • GIC - Graphic Interface Creator :
    Compose your game GUI using our powerful Widget Library.
  • PTE - Particle Editor :
    Create your own particle systems and attach them to objects and actions.
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